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Interested in adding allergy testing and treatment options to your practice?

Buy Zepose Valium

Veterinary Dermatologist

Looking for bulk allergen extracts?

Buying Valium Online In Canada

Buy Diazepam Online Eu, Order Valium Online Cod

It’s OFFICIAL! Spectrum Veterinary has finalized the acquisition of ACTT. Samples are now automatically being forwarded to Spectrum Veterinary for processing. Your clinic can continue to use ACTT’s website for testing forms and shipping labels. Your historical ACTT results will continue to be available on ACTT’s clinic access. Spectrum will continue to provide access to ACTT tools until we are able to fully transition all patient data to Spectrum’s database.

You will find that Spectrum offers the same approach to allergy testing and treatment as ACTT. For example, we both test for food in our standard panels, both offer employee discounts, as well as injections, and oral drops for treatment. Spectrum also offers our Test & Treat package which combines the testing and the initial treatment set together for one low price.

The ACTT Resources Page will provide you links to everything you’ll need to order testing & treatment through Spectrum. Below you can find general information about us, along with a sample results book, treatment diary, and how our panels compare so that you can decide which panel offering suits your patients best.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service team at (877) 721-5316.

Ordering Valium Online