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Dog, cats and horses can suffer from allergies just like people do. Allergies are typically displayed through various skin related issues and other symptoms. Knowing what to look for in a pet suffering from allergies can help you and your veterinarian develop the best allergy treatment or management plan for your pet.

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If your Veterinarian suspects that your pet is experiencing symptoms related to allergies and has determined that your pet’s problem is allergy, your vet may prescribe the all-natural SPOT Platinum+ Allergy Management Program. Our program includes a simple blood test for allergen identification, followed by customized immunotherapy based on what you pet reacted to.

Buy Diazepam Online Uk 2013


Immunotherapy is a safe and effective, long-term allergy treatment plan that gradually builds your pet’s immunity to the specific allergens that are causing them discomfort. This is the only type of treatment on the market that specifically alters the course of allergic disease. With long term uses this therapy significantly decreases allergy symptoms.

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Valium Buy India, Valium Where Can I Buy

Mona was having terrible skin issues that her owner could not get under control with medications, shampoos and diet. She was miserable and her vet felt that our serum allergy testing was the next logical step. After receiving the results from her allergy test, Mona began immunotherapy drops tailored to her specific allergies. Now she receives allergy treatment daily in the form of allergy drops, and meets her owner at the fridge to get them before breakfast and dinner. Her skin lesions have healed and she has become more comfortable.

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Talk to My Vet

A simple blood draw is all that is needed from your pet to be evaluated for allergy and the SPOT Platinum+ Allergy Test can be submitted by any licensed veterinarian.

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