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Buy Diazepam Online From India, Order Valium Canada

Immunotherapy is a safe, natural, and effective, long-term allergy treatment plan that gradually builds your pet’s immunity to the specific allergens that are causing them discomfort. This is the only type of treatment that alters the course of allergic disease while at the same time decreasing allergy symptoms.

Based on the results of your pet’s blood test, your veterinarian will prescribe a customized immunotherapy treatment kit formulated specifically to your pet’s individual allergens which have been identified through our testing.

Immunotherapy naturally retrains the immune system, and takes time. The amount of time it takes for a pet to see symptom relief while on immunotherapy can vary. Most patients can see improvement within a few months; for other patients, it may take six to eight months before significant improvement occurs. Just as it takes patience to teach your pet a new trick, it takes patience to change your pet’s immune response to allergies.

Immunotherapy treatment kits are available as both allergy shots and oral allergy drops. Be sure to speak with your veterinarian to help determine the best treatment kit for your lifestyle and pet.

Immunotherapy (both allergy shots and allergy drops) can carry some risks. Reactions associated with immunotherapy can include increased pruritus (itching), face-rubbing, GI upset, vomiting, lethargy, mild irritation at the site of injection (shots only), and generalized hives. Anaphylaxis (a serious reaction identified by rapid onset and includes rashes, breathing problems and may cause death) is extremely rare when receiving immunotherapy in either shots or drops. All reactions, even mild ones, should be reported to your veterinarian.

Key Facts to Know About Allergies

  • Allergy is a lifelong disease requiring continuous, hands-on management
  • No single treatment for allergic dermatitis is perfect
  • There will be some amount of expense involved in managing an atopic pet throughout its life
  • All dogs with atopic dermatitis have occasional flare-ups which will require a visit to the vet.
  • Dogs with atopic dermatitis are especially susceptible to secondary bacterial or yeast infections

Buy Diazepam Online From India, Order Valium Canada

This commonly asked question is difficult to answer since all animals respond to treatment differently. Typically, an animal will show improvement within the first three to four months of their treatment plan. However, every allergic animal’s response to immunotherapy is unique and pets show progress at different rates. It may take six to eight months before significant improvement and the full benefits of immunotherapy are experienced.

Immunotherapy treatment is recommended for a minimum of 3-5 years, and may likely be needed for the rest of your pet’s life. Sticking to your pet’s allergy treatment plan and communicating with your veterinarian are key components to your pet’s improvement. Close adherence to the shot or drops schedule will accelerate your pet’s recovery
and allergy relief.

Who Will Administer My Pet’s Immunotherapy?

Administering immunotherapy treatment to your pet is not difficult and most pet owners will administer the allergy treatment in the comfort of their own home. Your allergy treatment kit includes a detailed set of instructions on how to administer the allergy shots or drops. Your veterinarian can also demonstrate this for you and make sure you are confident in the process before sending the treatment set home with you and your pet.

As with any medication, immunotherapy is not without risk or side effects. Your veterinarian should supervise your pet’s treatment progress at all times.

How to Give Allergy Treatment to Your Pet

Below are two instructional videos with more detailed information on how to give your pet allergy shots or allergy drops.

How to Give Allergy Injections to Your Pet

How to Give Allergy Drops to Your Pet

Talk to Your Vet

With allergy testing, you can find out exactly which allergens are affecting your pet. Once identified, those allergens can be treated successfully with immunotherapy.

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