Mona, like many Frenchies, had terrible skin issues.

Mona was having terrible skin issues that her owner could not get under control with medications, shampoos and diet. She was miserable and her vet felt that serum allergy testing was the next logical step. After receiving the results from her allergy test, Mona began immunotherapy drops tailored to her specific allergies. Now she receives allergy treatment daily in the form of allergy drops, and meets her owner at the fridge to get them before breakfast and dinner. Her skin lesions have healed and she has become more comfortable.

Ivan was found abandoned in a fenced in yard with large patches of fur missing.

A nearby family began fostering him and immediately fell for his loving and charming personality. However, Ivan was constantly licking, chewing and scratching himself. The family tried anti-histamines, medicated baths, and flea prevention, but Ivan eventually scratched the top of his head so severely that he had a large, oozing wound. Ivan’s veterinarian said it was “head rot” caused by scratching his ear.

He had developed an ear infection triggered by his allergies.

The veterinarian recommended serum allergy testing, and after receiving the test results, proceeded with custom immunotherapy allergy drops.

It only took two weeks before the family noticed a real change in Ivan’s behavior. He stopped licking, chewing and scratching himself. Ivan no longer receives antihistamines or any other medications beside the allergy drops. He sleeps through the night and so does his now adopted family.

The clinic staff and veterinarian are shocked at how beautiful his fur has grown in.

He looks like a totally different dog!

Molly began showing allergy symptoms around 5 years old.

Molly began showing signs of allergy symptom when she was about 5 years old, although her owner didn’t know they were allergies at first. One morning they awoke to her covered in sores where she had scratched herself to a bloody mess behind her ears, around her eyes and the pads of her feet. Her owner cleaned her up and took Molly to the vet where they were told she was probably having a reaction to her food. Molly was quickly switched to a corn free diet and given antibiotic cream for her wounds. She healed and seemed to be doing well for a little while. Then Molly had the same situation (flare up) again a few months later. Her owner repeated the antibiotic cream and we seemed to give Molly relief. This pattern repeated itself at least 3 times a year, sometimes it was limited to just her face, sometimes her feet, sometimes her belly.

When the sneezing started, Molly was prescribed a special bath soap and told for the first time it was probably allergies. She was put on a regiment of 50mg of Benadryl
twice a day. The Benadryl made her lazy and tired but her owner didn’t see the breakouts as frequently. Molly’s owner decided to talk to the vet about alternative treatments.

Her owners were told they could skin test to find out what exactly she was allergic to. However they decided against that for two reasons:

1: She would have to be sedated for the test, and

2: She was going to have to be off her antihistamines in order to conduct the test and her owner did not want to have her go through any more “episodes” if at all possible.

The reason Molly’s owners proceeded with the serum blood test was because she didn’t have to endure anesthesia or be off her antihistamine to finally find out what it was that was bugging her so badly. Her owner was surprised when the test came back with really a small number of allergens testing borderline positive. They decided to give allergy drops a chance because she had gone through so much and this really could potentially help her. Molly’s owner is happy to report that since starting treatment they have been breakout free (knock on wood) and the sneezing has greatly diminished.

“When we first took him to the vet, his skin was a mess.”

Butch, a 4 year old boxer, had persistent skin problems. His symptoms were worse in the summer than the winter, but was still bothering him most of the time. Butch would get red blotches all over his belly and would scratch almost constantly. He would also lick his paws a lot. His belly was always pink and the area around his mouth was extremely pink, almost red. Because of these skin issues, Butch went to the vet where he was prescribed steroids and antibiotics. The medicines seemed to help mask the symptoms at first, but they soon returned.

Butch went back to the vet, where his vet and owner discussed serum allergy testing as the next step. His owner decided to proceed because Butch would not have to stop taking steroids with our test. One simple blood draw and a few days later, they received the results which confirmed allergies to both food and environmental allergens. Butch’s vet and owner discussed the options for immunotherapy, and decided to proceed with allergy shots.

Since starting the shots, Butch has seen a great improvement in his color and has almost totally stopped licking his paws and scratching. Butch’s owner also changed his diet to aid the shots. His owner says, “Butch is a different dog since he started to take these shots; his skin is so clear and he has no red spots or sores on his body. We are so happy with the results of the shots and his diet, and will start the second part of his treatment soon.”

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