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To begin, your veterinarian will draw a small amount of blood from your pet and send it to us for testing. Also known as “serum IgE” testing, serum based allergy test detects elevated levels of IgE antibodies that occur in the blood when an allergic pet comes into contact with allergens. Unlike other allergy tests, your pet can stay on antihistamines and prescribed medications, including steroids, during testing. Many other tests require a pet to be off symptomatic medication for a minimum of two weeks, causing discomfort to your pet.

Your pet’s serum can be tested for sensitivity to a panel of Environmental allergens (grass, tree, weed, mite, mold, insect and indoor allergens), Food allergens or both.

Routes of Exposure

The most challenging part of any allergy treatment or management program is identifying the specific allergens that cause a horse to suffer. An accurate diagnosis requires a detailed patient history, an assessment of the horse’s environmental surroundings, and a full clinical examination.


Most pet allergy exposure is by contact with the skin. Allergens gain entry through tiny cracks in the skin.


Most common inhaled allergens include pollens, molds, dander and mites.


Most likely cause of allergy symptoms in pets less than 1 year of age.


The most common type of allergy in both dogs and cats.

What are the advantages of the our allergy program?

Get Your Pet Tested

With allergy testing, you can find out exactly which allergens are affecting your pet. Once identified, those allergens can be treated successfully with immunotherapy.

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