Allergy Drops



Allergy Drops are a sublingual immunotherapy treatment for pet allergies. With two options for immunotherapy, we can tailor your pet’s allergy treatment to their temperament and your lifestyle, allowing even more patients to receive the allergy treatment they need!

A New Safe Pet Treatment Alternative to Allergy Shots

In recent years, sublingual immunotherapy has gained recognition as a viable alternative to allergy shots. Sublingual immunotherapy works in the same way as subcutaneous immunotherapy, by gradually building the body’s tolerance to the sensitizing allergens that are causing the patient’s symptoms.


Allergy drops are a safe and effective alternative for immunotherapy treatment, and the incidence of systemic reactions is extremely rare. Reactions can include increased pruritus, face-rubbing, GI upset or lethargy.


For pets and owners who are needle adverse, and for pets not able to tolerate allergy injections, allergy drops are an ideal treatment solution.

Frequency and Efficacy

The frequency of dosing is essential to the success of allergy drops. Twice a day dosing (AM and PM) provides constant stimulation of the key cells that are critical to building allergen tolerance and leads to the most rapid symptom improvement. This is an important factor to consider when choosing allergy drops, because pet owners must be able to commit to the twice-daily treatment schedule.

A solid foundation for success

Our exclusive ACTT Allergy Test remains the solid foundation for any successful pet allergy treatment program. Whether you choose shots or drops, your patient will have the best chance for improvement by beginning with the ACTT Allergy Test.