Allergy Shots




Allergy Shots are a subcutaneous immunotherapy treatment for pet allergies. With two options for immunotherapy, we can tailor your pet’s allergy treatment to their temperament and your lifestyle, allowing even more patients to receive the allergy treatment they need!


An Alternative to Allergy Drops

Immunotherapy is an effective, long-term pet allergy treatment plan that gradually builds an animal’s immunity to the specific allergens that are causing discomfort. Injections with increasing amounts of antigen are given to the animal, beginning with a low dose and increasing until the highest tolerable concentration is reached.


Our veterinarians report that up to 80% of animals on immunotherapy respond to treatment.


Allergy shots are a safe and effective alternative for immunotherapy treatment, and the incidence of systemic reactions is extremely rare. Reactions can include increased pruritus, local or generalized hives, GI upset, or lethargy.

Pet owner compliance is an integral part of the success of our desensitization program and this includes following the injection schedule and keeping to any prescribed dietary changes.


A Solid Foundation for Success

Our exclusive ACTT Allergy Test remains the solid foundation for any successful pet allergy treatment program. Whether you choose shots or drops, your patient will have the best chance for improvement by beginning with the ACTT Allergy Test.