Clinic Perks Program

Clinic Perks Program

Thank you for choosing ACTT® for your allergy management needs. We value your business and remain committed to bringing you the best practices in serum allergy testing, immunotherapy treatment and customer service. As part of our Clinic Perks Program, we offer 50% testing discount for clinic employees. To take advantage of this offer, simply submit the below order form with your pet’s serum sample. Form must be presented at the time of service.

How To Use the Program

1) Download the Clinic Perks Order Form

2) Submit the below order form with your pet’s serum sample

3) Enjoy the 50% testing discount for clinic employees

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Two years ago we were introduced to ACTT. At 6 months old, our German Shepherd/Chesapeake Bay Retriever…vomited large quantities and unable to eat or drink. According to the radiograph, Bishop had a foreign body in her stomach. The next day, they completed exploratory surgery to find a pebble the size of a dime. The team also found that Bishop’s stomach and her intestines were full of grass.

After her surgery, Doc recommended that we complete an allergy test. The results where shocking. She was allergic to multiple trees, weeds, grass (hence the stomach/intestine issues) as well as multiple foods. We are started her first set of desensitization injections. It was wonderful. Our puppy was acting like a puppy again!

Two years later, she is still getting her injections, but her symptoms were getting worse…We completed another allergy test and sure enough, the allergies changed. Some were better, but some were much worse. We are looking forward to her new set of desensitization injections.

ACTT is able to help Bishop find relief with her allergies. THANK YOU!

Julie Hoffman and her pup Bi$hop
Northwoods Pet Care Center

Archer, my 3 year old pitbull is getting better! We just started the blue vial yesterday. His allergies started this Spring. He would lick his paws until he fell asleep at night. Then the diarrhea started…I decided he NEEDED allergy testing. The test came back sooner than I expected. His food portion of the test was shocking…I immediately changed his food [to a diet] with no ingredients he is even borderline to. He was instantly better the next day. For the environmental…he is allergic to pretty much everything in my yard right down to the grass. I kept him inside for playtime until he was through the green vials…he already started growing his paw hair again! He is so much happier having the treatments!

Lindsey Piscitello and her pup Archer
Wellness Veterinary Clinic