Testing Questions

Once the sample is in the lab, results are sent out within 5 business days.

Steroid and antihistamine therapies do not interfere with ACTT test results. Serum allergy testing measures circulating levels of IgE in the blood, and not an inflammatory response, so there is no need to withhold these medications prior to testing.

We recommend an animal be at least six months old prior to testing. This will allow appropriate IgE levels to form to environmental allergens. For any pet under six months we recommend food testing first, and then test a full environmental panel when the patient is one year or older.

If you are a new clinic using us and have not received our supplies or if you are out of our supplies: send serum in a red top tube, tiger top tube or serum separator tube. We recommend sending with a cold pack. Please call our sales support department if you have any other questions on how to send in a serum sample or to order supplies for your clinic.

We can only run our ELISA assay with a serum sample. We cannot run our test with whole blood.

Cat epithelia is an ubiquitous allergen. The protein that causes an allergic reaction is very small, very “sticky” and airborne in nature. Even if a client does not have a cat, cat allergen should always be treated if the patient tested positive.